Visual Studio Code Extension

An editor-based tool for writing ksonnet

The team behind ksonnet is stepping back from the project. As a result, work on ksonnet will end and the GitHub repositories will be archived. You can read more about our decision here.

A simple bare-bones extension providing simple syntax highlighting for Jsonnet files (specifically, files with the .jsonnet and .libsonnet suffixes), as well as a Markdown-style preview pane that auto-updates every time you save.

Jsonnet preview


Syntax highlighting works out of the box. Just open any .jsonnet or .libsonnet file, and it will magically work.

To enable the Jsonnet preview pane, it is necessary to install the Jsonnet command line tool (e.g., through brew install jsonnet). If you don’t add the jsonnet executable to the PATH then you will need to customize jsonnet.executablePath in your settings.json, so that the extension knows where to find it.

After this, you can use the keybinding for jsonnet.previewToSide (by default this is shift+ctrl+i, or shift+cmd+i on macOS), and the preview pane will open as in the picture above.


This extension exposes the following settings, which can be customized in settings.json:

  • jsonnet.executablePath: Tells the extension where to find the jsonnet executable, if it’s not on the PATH. (NOTE: This setting is always necessary on Windows.)
  • jsonnet.libPaths: Additional paths to search for libraries when compiling Jsonnet code.
  • jsonnet.outputFormat: Preview output format: yaml or json (default is yaml).
  • jsonnet.extStrs: External strings to pass to jsonnet executable.

This extension exposes the following commands, which can be bound to keys:

  • jsonnet.previewToSide: Compiles the Jsonnet file to JSON, places result in a “preview” window in the pane to the right of the active pane, or in the current pane if active window is pane 3 (since vscode only allows 3 panes). Default: bound to shift+ctrl+i (or shift+cmd+i on macOS).
  • jsonnet.previewToSide: Compiles the Jsonnet file to JSON, places result in a “preview” window in the current active pane. Default: no keybinding.
  • jsonnet.extStrs: An object of variable, value pairs. Allows you to customize the external variables passed to the jsonnet command line. It can be particularly useful to set this in a workspace configuration, so that you can set different variables on a per-project basis.
  • jsonnet.outputFormat: A choice of two string literals: ["json", "yaml"]. This tells the extension what format you’d like the output to be (i.e., allows you to either output JSON or YAML).
Last updated on: May 10, 2018